Why was Hairqare founded?
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Why was Hairqare founded?

Read about the background of HairQare and why it was created. Learn more about hair care tips, products, and services offered by our team.
Why was Hairqare founded?

If you are thinking of joining one of our courses, have just stumbled across our website while scouring the internet, or perhaps are already one of our students, you might be wondering why Hairqare was founded in the first place?

And this is a good question, especially as it is no secret that the internet is already full of blogs, products, and guides about hair care and holistic health. So why did we decide to join the conversation? What do we have to add?

Well, a brilliant place to start would be to talk about our founder, Sarah Tran, since her idea to start this venture very much comes from her own personal story.

From growing up surrounded by toxic attitudes to beauty, to making the decision as a teenager to heal her hair through holistic practices, to becoming a hair and travel blogger famed for her beautiful hair…

She has had quite an amazing journey and has pretty much lived through many of the issues our students face, including hair loss, chronic stress, and hormonal imbalances. 

While working as a hair blogger, so many women would reach out to her with heartbreaking stories of how their hair loss was affecting their lives.

Some women would confess to not feeling beautiful enough to leave abusive relationships or go after their dream jobs. Effectively, the state of their hair was inhibiting them and keeping them stuck, unhappy and unknowing how to move forward.

Like Sarah, these women had also been brought up to believe that their beauty was what determined their value in society and even their value within relationships.

And yet none of this was actually true. Actually, it is these beliefs that actually prevent women from achieving everything that they are able to achieve and pushing forward to live the life that they deserve. 

So, what was the answer? How could Sarah help these women that had been completely misled by the beauty industry and the standards that surrounded them? She knew that it wasn’t about creating hair care products but about sharing information.

Women didn’t need yet another shampoo bottle to clutter up their shelves, what they needed was to understand their hair and how to care for it; how to choose the right products, transform their lifestyles and change their mindset.

And so, HairQare was founded as a ‘new’ way to care for your hair, to give women all the information they need to get the results they desire. As we always say, knowledge is power, making it one of the best investments anyone can make for themselves. 

Empowerment vs Profit

This brings us to the first reason why HairQare was set up, which is to empower women. This is such a core value for this company and matters more than simply seeking to make large profits.

Instead of focusing on selling hair care products that may or may not work for whoever buys them, we wanted to provide a course to help women heal their hair, achieve their goals and become more confident in themselves.

We wanted to show women what they are made of, what they are capable of achieving, and foster a sense of self-belief that will take them so much further in their lives, after completing the course.

The decision to join is only the beginning of a huge life-changing journey and we want to set you up for success!  

Hair Care Education Backed by Science

The internet is saturated with hair care blogs, videos, and brands all sharing information or products that claim to transform your hair in so many different and wonderful ways.

And yet, more often than not, the women who try many of these products or tips don’t get the results that they are expecting. Often, this is due to the fact that a lot of online information is misinformation, and a lot of products don’t suit our individual hair needs.

We set out to change this by creating holistic beauty education alongside qualified doctors and scientists to ensure that the information shared is correctly researched so women can discover what it is they need to do to grow their best hair.

Science vs Marketing

When we set out to create our solution to the haircare problems women face, we wanted to transform the way women view hair care in the modern world.

The state of the hair care industry has reached its capitalistic peaks. Many brands fill their products with ingredients that actually contribute to issues like hair loss, rather than prevent them all in the name of profit.

This leads women to end up in a cycle of spending money on these products in an attempt to fix their hair, only for the product to exacerbate the issue. We want to stop women from falling into this trap and teach them to see past any flashy or expensive branding or marketing.

Instead, they should look for products that will actually help their hair, rather than hurt it. That's what our courses aim to do -- create a revolution that will change the industry and women's confidence for good. 

Habits & Practices vs Products

Lastly, we also want women to understand that in order to solve many hair care issues, you have to solve the root cause first. Often this means making deeper changes to our lifestyles rather than just switching up our products.

For example, changing our diet to solve a deficiency, creating a workout routine to boost blood flow, or learning to manage stress to lower cortisol levels.

Although these changes do require a little more effort, they can make huge improvements to not only the health and quality of your hair but also your overall health and quality of life.

Therefore, part of our revolution is to help women realize that health and beauty are interlinked and that much of what makes you healthy, helps make you beautiful too, meaning holistic hair care is not just a routine but a lifestyle.

So, are you ready to join our Hairqare Revolution? 

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