Top 3 Hair Loss Reducing Supplements [2023]
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Top 3 Hair Loss Reducing Supplements [2023]

Do you suffer from hair loss? If so, check out our list of the top three hair loss reducing supplements on the market!
Top 3 Hair Loss Reducing Supplements [2023]

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It is no secret that the supplement industry is a booming industry, with so many different options claiming to do this and that to your hair and your health. But how can you know which brands, products, or supplements to trust?

You see, not all supplements are made equal. There are so many products out there that promise amazing results, and yet when you investigate the ingredients label, you realize that a lot of the time it is full of trash that will do very little to help your hair.

Not to mention the copious amounts of hair supplements out there that profess to contain all sorts that stop your hair loss and grow your hair. 

The problem is, that reducing hair loss or improving hair growth is so much more than just taking loads of supplements. It actually requires a much bigger understanding of your internal and external health.

Therefore, it isn’t wise to just pop to the shops and purchase any old supplement that will ‘apparently’  grow your hair. You have to troubleshoot each supplement to see whether they are worth purchasing. 

This is because the reason for hair loss will differ between people, depending on lifestyle choices, diet choices and so much more.

Some people may be suffering hair loss due to deficiencies in certain nutrients and therefore taking a supplement will then resolve this.

Others may be suffering from hair loss due to a completely different reason meaning that many hair loss supplements won’t be as useful.

Ideally, we recommend getting as much of your nutrients from your food, rather than relying completely on supplements.

This is because food is much more easily absorbed by our bodies, allowing us to get all the nutrients we need.

However, sometimes this isn’t possible, for example when we are traveling, working hard, or are simply at the beginning of our health journey. This is where supplements can come in handy.

So, if you are looking for the best supplements that can help with hair loss, here are our favorites: 

Our Supplement Recommendations

  • Amino Acids (Collagen & Keratin)

Product: Impact EAA by My Protein

Brand Site:
Impact EAA

First up is Amino Acids! Amino Acids are essentially broken down proteins that the body uses to create Collagen and Keratin. For example, if you were to eat a high-protein meal, your body would take that protein, break it down, and be left with Amino Acids.

As our hair is made of Keratin and our skin contains an abundance of Collagen, Amino Acids are incredibly important for the promotion and maintenance of healthy skin and hair growth. There are 21 in total, 9 of these must be sourced from food or supplements since our body cannot make them itself.

Therefore, the supplement we have shared contains all 9 of these essential amino acids so you can be sure your body is getting everything it needs to grow long and healthy hair! 

  • Fish Oil (Omega 3)

Product: Triple Strength Omega 3 Fish Oil by Dr. Tobias

Brand Site: Fish Oil

iHerb: Fish Oil

Next, we have Fish Oil! Fish Oil is rich in Omega 3 and Fatty Acids, both of which are important for our hair. Omega 3 is absolutely excellent when it comes to hair growth.

For example, it helps to prevent inflammation around the hair follicles and boosts blood flow to the hair follicles ensuring that they are sufficiently nourished in order to grow healthy hair.

However, in order to maximize the Omega 3 benefits for your hair, you must look for supplements that provide a high dose of EPA and DHA, just like the product we have shared above. If you already eat a lot of fish in your diet, then Fish Oil isn’t something you will desperately need.

But, if you don’t eat a lot of fish and don’t plan on changing your diet to incorporate more fish, Fish Oil can be an amazing supplement to add to your stash!

  • Potassium (Lowers Stress)

Product: Potassium by Solgar

Brand Link: Potassium

US Amazon: Potassium

Lastly, we have Potassium which actually helps to lower your cortisol levels. As cortisol is also known as the stress hormone, and stress is one of the leading causes of hair loss, Potassium is a pretty useful supplement to take.

This is because it helps to maintain a normal function of the nervous system and normal blood pressure levels. Actually, it has been found that low levels of Potassium can lead to increased feelings of anxiety and issues with sleeping.

On top of this, there is research that suggests that high levels of stress can lead to low levels of Potassium, creating what seems to be a cycle of imbalance and opposing symptoms.

Therefore, it is important to ensure your Potassium levels stay balanced, which doesn’t mean you necessarily have to take a Potassium supplement every day.

However, during periods of high stress or when you are feeling anxious, increasing your potassium intake can help to reduce these symptoms, lower your cortisol and help your hair in the long run.

If you don’t want to take a supplement, you can eat foods rich in Potassium instead, including bananas, tomatoes, or avocados!

And so, those were our top 3 hair loss-reducing supplements!

What about other vitamins and minerals with hair benefits?

I imagine you are quite surprised by the items on the list, and perhaps were expecting to be reading about Biotin, Folic Acid, or Selenium.

Of course, these vitamins are definitely important, but whether you need to take them will depend greatly on whether you are deficient in them.

For example, Biotin is such a great nutrient to consume for hair health and we should all ensure we are getting enough of this in our daily diets.

However, when it comes to hair health, taking this supplement will only make a visible difference to your hair if you were deficient in this nutrient before you started taking it.

And if you take too much Biotin, it can inhibit your absorption of other nutrients within your diet, potentially leading to another deficiency that could also cause hair thinning.

Whereas, supplements like Amino Acids and Fish Oil don’t have the same risks of overconsumption and can benefit the hair in so many ways, even if your diet isn’t super deficient in these areas!

If you want to learn more about supplements, feel free to check out our 14 Day Better Hair & Health Challenge. There you will get the chance to learn about how you can create your very own hair-loving diet, so you won’t need to rely on supplements at all.

Additionally, you will be creating an amazing morning routine that will start your day off in the healthiest way possible, as well as cleaning up your hair routine so it no longer harms your hair!

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