4 Ways Your Supplements Are Harming Your Hair [2023]
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4 Ways Your Supplements Are Harming Your Hair [2023]

Find out how supplements advertised to improve your hair can actually cause more harm than good.
4 Ways Your Supplements Are Harming Your Hair [2023]

You've probably seen them on Instagram, peddled by this influencer and that actress, and it made you think: "Should I try to get my hands on these hair gummies?"

What could go wrong? They're supposedly natural, they're usually cute, and they're probably effective – so and so's hair looks great after all! What, indeed, could possibly go wrong?

For one, of course, the price seems wrong, in that unbelievably overpriced kind of way. If that does not stop you, maybe the following reasons can make you think twice about pressing the 'Order Now' button.

The first thing you have to know about these hair supplements is that they are unregulated. They are in the market not as scientifically proven, the medicinal solution to your hair problems.

To make the long story short, they are sold as food items with no approved therapeutic claims. These products sit in the grey area between good and not so good exactly for the same aforementioned reason.

There do not belong in the medicine category but they are not quite exactly forbidden from making all these promising claims about making your hair grow or preventing hair loss, etc.

2 - Testing

The regulations surrounding these hair food supplements are so lenient that more often than not, they are not even tested for effectiveness.

And when they actually do test them, the testing is done on MALE subjects while they are, in fact, marketed for FEMALE consumers.

The problem lies in the fact that the male and female bodies are largely different in composition, especially where hormones are concerned – which, without coincidence, are also an essential part of hair growth and hair health.

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Many of these products, because they were tested on men prior to marketing, may contain products that can react adversely with the female body and cause disruptions in hormone balance.

The most common symptoms/manifestations of hormone imbalance? Acne breakouts and hair loss. Yikes! Just imagine spending that much money on hair supplements to prevent hair loss only to end up with even more hair loss!

Besides, many of these products are touting overdose! Where you only need up to 60 micrograms of biotin every day, for instance, these supplements come in up to 10,000 microgram dosages. Imagine how that wreaks havoc on your body!

3 - Different Bodies, Different Needs

We are not saying that hair supplements are snake oils. We are not saying they are not that, either. What are saying, though, is this: there is hardly any scientific proof behind these food supplements.

They also don't take into account how each body reacts differently to different products – and how an overdose of one type of mineral can cause the malabsorption of another which can end up with an entirely different set of problems or worsen your existing one!

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4 - Unregulated is Unreliable

We are not writing this to badmouth hair supplements. What we are here for is simply to remind you, dear readers, that not all that glitters is gold, and not everything that's gummy is good! These products are not regulated and from that virtue alone, questionable.

Read the science, if you can find any that's not sponsored by the manufacturers themselves. Otherwise, call a dietician and/or a GP and find out for yourself if these supplements are worth their weight in gold. 

All risks considered, it's questionable why so many women first think of supplements when it comes to healing their hair concerns. Well, before even buying one stands the question, "Which one do I need?" / "which nutrients are I deficient in?".

This is followed by, "how can I get these from food before resorting to supplementation?" It's answers to questions like these that generated incredible long and short-term results for participants of our 14 Day Haircare Challenge.

During the 14 day period, challengers learn how to detox their hair care routine, give their diet a makeover, and build a powerful morning routine that sets them up for good hair days, every day.

Do you take hair care supplements and are noticing a difference from them? Let us know in the comments! 🗯

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