5 Hidden Reasons Why You’re Losing Hair [2023]
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5 Hidden Reasons Why You’re Losing Hair [2023]

Hair loss is one of those issues nobody likes to admit to, especially since it seems like there are no cures for it. Some of us try to brush it off as not so serious because losing a few strands of hair can occur naturally, but there is a difference between losing 20 hairs a day and […]
5 Hidden Reasons Why You’re Losing Hair [2023]

Hair loss is one of those issues nobody likes to admit to, especially since it seems like there are no cures for it. Some of us try to brush it off as not so serious because losing a few strands of hair can occur naturally, but there is a difference between losing 20 hairs a day and losing 100.

If you notice significant hair loss, there are steps you can take to counter it. Let’s have a look at the issues that might be causing this process, both inside and out!

1. Stress

sudden loss of hair density

One of the main causes of hair loss we tend to ignore is stress! Sometimes we just ignore the prolonged stress in our life, the one that comes with work, family life, or any sudden, unexpected change we weren’t looking forward to. Sometimes we're stressed for so long that we start to think it's normal to feel this way.

Planning a wedding, an illness at an inconvenient time, and even just pressure from working/studying can affect us in ways we didn’t even realize. And, if the body is in a state of stress, it produces a hormone called cortisol.

And if the stress in your life continues, more and more of this hormone build-up. Unfortunately for our hair, cortisol is responsible for shutting down the hair growth process which results in hair loss.

In addition to hair loss, it stops new hair from growing leading to even thinner hair over time. This issue is often overlooked but it is quite serious, so we would recommend stress-reducing activities. A simple task of going for a walk, doing something you enjoy such as watching a movie and unplugging for a weekend could help you relax!

In order to lower your cortisol levels, take time to sunbathe! Vitamin D reduces cortisol and spending time in nature is always a good way to relax! You can also try supplements rich in potassium and vitamin B1 to help reduce cortisol and thus, reduce your stress. 

2. Tight Buns and Ponytails

sudden loss of hair density

If you wear your hair in a style that requires you to pull it up tightly, you can develop traction alopecia. This means that the continuous strain on your hair by wearing it in a tight bun or ponytail ends up loosening the hair shaft in your hair follicles.

If your hair is very long and thick, with a nice weight to it, that can also weigh your hair down and pull on the scalp, which ultimately leads to hair loss. Good news! If you notice too many loose strands of hair, you can take action quite easily!

Try to alternate between hairstyles: go from braids to wearing your hair down for a couple of weeks, and if you need to put your hair in a ponytail or a bun to exercise or work, don’t use an elastic or rubber band.

These tend to pull at your hair quite a lot! Instead, buy some spiral hair ties or hair clips to style your hair into an updo. If you use hair extensions or weaves, try to give up on them for a while or only wear them for short periods of time to give your scalp and hair follicles a break.

And, if you braid your hair, try to braid them into thicker braids, the thinner ones are usually tighter and pull much harder on the scalp. If your alopecia is more severe, we recommend you seek out a dermatologist who can assess what your scalp is like and prescribe medication if needed.

This is especially important if your scalp is bruised, painful or itchy. Medical treatment will reduce the discomfort and help you get started on a new haircare journey!

3. Pollution

sudden loss of hair density

We might think that pollution of our Earth only affects nature, which is bad, but we need to face the music: pollution already has detrimental effects on our lives!

One of the lesser-known side effects of air pollution is its effect on our hair. Many studies suggest that common air pollutants such as burnt fossil fuels, dust, and other polluting particles have a direct effect on our hair growth.

The more polluted our environment, the more exposed we are to these pollutants! And these pesky little things go right for the valuable proteins which help us grow hair.

What’s the solution? Sure, you could consider moving from a busy city to a small, less polluted town, but that is just not an option for everyone.

And, we need to protect our environment from these pollutants, so switching to a mode of transportation that doesn’t burn fossil fuels is also a pretty good idea. And to protect your hair, researchers suggest a frequent hair care routine that involves cleaning your scalp thoroughly!

Just like the rest of your body, your scalp is also skin that needs to be cleaned and cared for, so be sure to give it plenty of attention!

4. Sweat

Surprisingly, sweat can also lead to hair loss! Although we need a good workout to stay healthy, the lactic acid in our sweat can go straight for the precious keratin in our hair follicles, thus damaging our hair.

And, studies suggest that sweating through your scalp leads to the dehydration of the hair strands. So, if you notice that after a long summer day you are losing more hair strands than one, the reason might just be the sweat!

Washing your hair more often can help with its effects. We suggest that during the summer and after a strenuous workout, you wash your hair more often than usual, so your scalp stays hydrated, clean, and opens up your pores!

If you feel that your scalp is dry after a busy day in the sun, give yourself a head massage with coconut or jojoba oil!

5. Hair Washing Routine

how often should you wash your hair for hair growth

Just like everything else about humans, our hair and scalp are not the same. What works for us, might not work for everybody else! So, it’s important for you to test out what works for you. Do you wash your hair too frequently or not frequently enough?

Many dermatologists suggest you wash your hair daily to make sure that your scalp is clean, just like the rest of your body is! Most people actually don’t wash their hair often enough, which is bad for thinning hair and hair loss.

As you’ve seen above, one of the most important reasons why your hair might be falling out is environmental issues that reduce growth. Is there such a thing as washing your hair too often?

Of course, but we’re talking about maybe washing your hair tens of times daily to really cause damage. It is important to keep your hair and scalp clean! It is especially advised for people experiencing hair loss to try washing their hair more frequently, with shampoo!

It’s a myth that shampoos strip hair of its natural oils and that frequent hair washing causes baldness. A clean scalp is a healthy scalp and it will most likely thank you with many new hair follicles!

The take-away is simple! There are so many things out there which try to get rid of our hair, it is necessary to hold on to our locks and protect them. Frequent washing, a good hair care routine, and a little self-love will surely bring your hair back to life! You can learn more about these in our 14 Day Haircare Challenge.

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